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SXSW was the bees knees

JP Hoe

I have been waiting. I have been waiting a decade for an invite to the iconic music festival SXSW. Not because I think I'll light the world on fire or that such a festival needs me there, but it just seemed like a benchmark I needed, to reassure myself we're still good. We're still good. 


The week was a blur with 8 performances, over 10 hours spent looking for parking, too many culinary indulgences, catching a handful of amazing performances and over all, feeling like it was one of the most productive weeks of my career. I'd like to thank everyone for coming out, my beautiful band (Nat, Kelly, Brendan and Derek), Manitoba Music, Manitoba Film and Music, Stephen Carroll, Adam Kreeft (TAG), Sirius XM, MPress Records, Belmez Entertainment, Breakout West, and our new friends at CHUGG Music. We sincerely hope this week, leads to a great things, including an upcoming record and months of touring the globe over and down under. 


Thank you for reinvigorating me, it was a close call. 

Photo by Manitoba Music