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House Concerts


Request a house concert with JP

The art of bringing the stage to your home. House concerts are gaining in momentum across North America and JP has jumped aboard the movement. A small PA, a couple musicians, an attentive audience and voila you have an exclusive and private show. Do not be fooled this is not background music as your friends, children or parents do beer bong hits on the pool table. Rather, they offer the opportunity for audiences to meet the artist, learn about the songs and craft that goes into creating them. Though, JP will continue to play concert halls, and folk fests as another tool to engage with his audience, house concerts provide a unique outlet for the young singer-songwriter to connect with people in a whole new way.

What the hosts provide is simple, a house, a crowd, and a safe place to play & stay. Some hosts provide chairs, some don’t, what’s important is that your friends and family are comfortable and excited. In order to offer the best setting for both parties include a quiet room where the band can relax in prior to the first set and during intermission, enough floor space for the players and a space to display merchandise are all important for hosting a successful house concert.

If an incredible night sounds like a good idea, let us know and we can try to figure out some dates that work, please contact Nova Courchene who can then provide you with more details.

I’ve never seen a post-show buzz like this. Most of the people there were regular house concert attendees, and I have received a ton of e-mails and calls about your show. Raving about it. Looks like we have a new champ.
JP is a great house concert performer. He engages with the audience, his quick wit charms people and his music walks into their hearts.
Thank you again for the amazing concert last Saturday night. The music is incredible, and the show was great.